Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really take less than 10 minutes to install?

Yes and with experience it will take even less time as you get use to installing the product.

Does it really only take less than 5 minutes to take out?

Yes, especially if someone else is taking it out for you, which it will take maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

Can I really still wash my hair just like my normal track-by-track sew-in?

Absolutely! The open cap allows you to have complete access to your own hair, which means you can wash your hair and nourish it as often as you need to with the product still on your head. Or you have the choice to remove the product (because it only takes 5 minutes to remove) wash your hair and then reinstall it because it only takes 10 minutes to re-install.

How is this different from a U-part wig?

Yes, this is different than a u-part wig for a number of reasons. This is not a wig. This is a sew-in unit. When you apply it it will feel light weight and very much like you have a regular track by track sew-in. The OPEN CAP design gives you complete accessiblity to your own hair/braids underneath. This means that you can moisturize your braids with out removing it, just like you would with a regular sew-in. You can wash your own hair underneath while leaving the unit on or you can go swimming during your summer vacations just like with a normal sew-in. You can not do any of these things with a u-part wig because it is a wig. Our unit was designed to be worn for multiple months at a time, just like a traditional sew-in. The Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In can also be worn with a center part, right or left part. Because of the flexiblity of the design you can position the unit in mutiple locations on your head. So stop spending hours making a wig when you can have the Hollywood Ten MInute Sew-in for the same price or less. (View our price comparison page to compare pricing of virgin track hair)

How does the new feature allow me to customize it the size of my head?

The new side extensions allow you to trim the product along the edges of your side hairlines. This gives you complete control on whether you want to leave hair out on the side, how much you want to leave out and/or if you decide to not leave any hair out on the sides at all.

What color does your virgin hair come in?

Our Virgin hair comes in a natural black color. Under certain light the hair looks lighter brown. You can use a rinse to darken the hair if you need to or you can use hair color to lighten the hair to your desired color.

Do you offer any other colors?

We do not offer other colors or a coloring service. The hair is virgin hair that has not been colored. It will come in a natural black color with a hint of brown in the sunlight. Because it is virgin hair, it can be dyed any color you like. The Supreme Luxury hair can be dyed and lightened with bleach. For the Traditional Virgin Hair, though it can be colored, we do not recommend it being lightened past 1-2 levels of its current color. We also do not recommend bleach on the Traditional hair.

What is your return policy?

We want you to absolutely LOVE your Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In! If for any reason you do not love it, then we are one of the few hair companies that actually allow you to send it back within 14 DAYS for an exchange or refund (*minus shipping/restocking fees). How are we able to have such a flexible return policy? Because our product is so good we rarely have returns or exchanges. Our customers fall in love with their Hollywood Ten Minute Sew-In and time and time again. They love it so much, they come back to order additional textures, lengths and styles.

Do you sell weft/bundle hair?

No. If you wear sew-ins or uparts, theres no longer a reason for you to buy weft/bundle hair. We only offer our Ten Minute Sew-in units as well as lace closures if you do not want to leave any hair out.

How long does virgin hair last?

Our Supreme Luxury Virgin hair can last you up to 2 years with proper care. Our Traditional Virgin hair can last you 6-9 months.

Will I experience any matting, tangling or excessive shedding?

You should not experience any matting, tangling or excessive shedding with our product. There may be slight tangling for long hair, this is natural due to the length of the hair. Also, note that the curlier the hair the more it will tangle somewhat, however if you are using the right products and using taking care of the hair daily then tangling will be very minimum even with the curliest hair. You will not experience matting with our Virgin hair. Matting only occurs with non-virgin hair. As for shedding, you will only experience minimal shedding with each wash. The first wash may have more shedding but will not be excessive. Every wash after the first wash should be very minimal. We do not expect that you will have any problems. However, if you have any issues with tangling or shedding or any other issue please contact our customer support team to discuss your return and/or exchange options. We want to make sure that your experience with our product is exceptional and we won’t rest until we know you are satisfied!

Do you offer non-virgin Remy hair?

At this time we have chosen to offer Supreme Luxury Virgin hair which last up to 2 years as well as Traditional Virgin hair which can last 6-9 months. We are not currently offering non-virgin remy hair.

If a product is on backorder how long should I expect to wait before I receive my product?

Back orders can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and 1 week to be mailed. If your order is going to take longer than this amount of time you will immediately be notified and offered a full refund if you choose not to wait for back ordered items.

What if my product is not shipped within its promised deadline?

If your product is not shipped within 2 weeks you will be offered a full refund or a credit toward your next purchase.

I am a hairstylist and I want to resell your product, do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do! Please email us at to receive further details on our resell programs for hairstylist.

If I am unhappy with the product can I return or exchange it?

Yes please see our return and exchange policy on our Policy page

What if I don’t see the length and style options I want?

If you don’t see the style you want, then we recommend ordering a custom unit. Custom units can be ordered from our custom unit order page here. Custom units take approximately 21 days before they are ready to ship out. If you do not see the custom unit options of your choice, email our support staff at to request a quote for the exact unit you want.


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