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HD Illusion Thin Lace (AKA Swiss Lace)

What is HD Illusion Thin Lace?
HD Illusion Thin Lace is the thinnest lace available on the market which is also called THIN Swiss lace. If you desire an undetectable hair line, then this is the perfect option for you. The lace is very fine allowing the material to seamlessly melt into your hairline.

How is HD Thin Lace different from regular lace?
The traditional lace used for most wigs and closure is called French Lace. The next thinnest material is called Swiss lace (which is what we use as our normal lace). This lace is around 95% undetectable in photos and 90% undetectable in real life when you are face to face with others. This means that when people get within 5 ft of you, they can notice the little lace holes along your hair line and your part, (yes, in real life without phone filters people can see your lace). However, with HD Illusion Thin Lace your lace wig is 98% undetectable because it is made with THIN Swiss Lace. Therefore, in pictures and video the lace will be 99% undetectable. While in real life when you are face to face with people, your lace will be 98% undetectable. If the lace is laid correctly the average person will not notice your lace.

Is HD Illusion Thin Lace right for me?
This lace is perfect if you love lace wigs but hate the obvious and visible little lace holes along your hair line and also perfect if you are someone who does not want to have excessive/aggressive baby hair to hide the hair line. This lace is also excellent if you do not like how hard regular lace is. French lace can be a little uncomfortable because the material is harder. Our normal Swiss lace is softer than than French lace. Our HD Illusion Lace is the thinnest and softest available

This sounds too good to be true. Are there any negatives to HD Illusion Thin Lace?
It’s important to note that HD Illusion Thin lace is delicate. Therefore, its not best to wear on an every day basis. If you do intend to wear it everyday then you must be careful with it. Otherwise, this lace should be your special occasion wig. This is because the lace is so thin it has a higher likelihood of tearing.

Do you offer HD Illusion Thin Lace Frontals?
Currently we do not, however, we are expected to add these to our product line soon.

I’m just not a fan of any kind of lace but I don’t want to have a leave out. What do you recommend for me?
If you desire a product that is 100% undetectable, then we recommend wearing your own hair line and purchasing our Thin Part Wig or the True Roots Closure and 10 Minute Sew-in. These products require no leave out what so ever while allowing you to wear your own real part and natural hair line.


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