• No Lace
  • No Glue
  • No Leave-out
  • Features the True Roots Closure which Matches the roots of your hair
  • Leave out 99%-100% less hair than a U-part Wig
  • 100% Breathable Cap
  • Hair Texture:Silky straight
  • Money Back Promise



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The Thin-Part Wig is the perfect solution for women who love wigs, clip ins, or sew-ins but prefer to wear their own real part for a more natural, authentic look, which appears real both online and in real life when interacting face to face with others. Instead of leaving a large “u” section, which normally requires you to leave- out a 4 X4inch section of your own hair, now you can have no leave- out at all or leave just THIN strands of your own hair out. The Thin-Part Wig features the True Roots Closure at the top, which matches the roots of your hair, therefore even with no leave -out it is completely undetectable. If you choose to wear a leave out, it will not even be detectable if the wind blows your leave-out out of place. So now you can have the look you love with NO little LACE holes, NO GLUE , NO LEAVE-OUT, all while having complete access to your scalp!

 No Leave-out Required 

 No Blending Required

 No Weft

 No Lace

 No Glue Required

 No Concealer Required

Thin-Part Wig Commercial

How to Install the True Roots Closure & Thin Part Wig: HAIR PIN METHOD

Customer Reviews

Mercedes L. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

December 11, 2018

“If you can’t tell from my cheesing face, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY HAIR! This is so ME! It fits my busy college student life perfectly. It gives me the look I want when my natural hair grows out more and I finally master a 2 or 3 strand twist. Thank you forcreating this!”

Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes


Jasmine T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

December 10, 2018

10AAA, Texture 3b/3c

“I have been wearing the 10 Minute Sew-in for over 4 years now. I absolutely love their products. I go back and forth between clipping in the upart unit and sewing it in depending on what I have going on. My favorite part is that the cap is so open. It literally feels like I have nothing on. As for the True Roots closure, I was selected to be a part of the focus group. I’ve been wearing it for 4 months now. I can not tell you just how amazing this thing is! I literally leave none of my hair out. People come up to me daily asking me how I get my curls so perfect because they truly think its mine. My hair is a a tight 4b/4c curl (see before pic). Now with True Roots closure I can wear different curl patterns and not worry about trying to blend my hair. Even my own husband is confused as to how I get it to look so natural. Bottom line, I will never wear anything else. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out with this!!!” 


Christina H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

December 1, 2018


9AAA 3b/3c

“I have always loved the 10 minute sew-in. Over the years, I just wished I could leave less hair out. Two years ago they told me they were working on creating something for those of us who are just not into the whole lace thing. They reached out to me several months ago and asked me if I wanted to test the True Roots Closure and Thin-Part Wig and provide feedback. I AM BEYOND AMAZED! When I asked for something that would allow me to leave less hair out, I had no idea they could create something that would allow me to leave NO HAIR OUT and still look natural. This closure is MAGIC ....no for real....MAGIC. It literally disappears into my roots and scalp! I prefer to use the hair pin method as I find it gives me the most flawless look. I’ve tried with curly hair and with kinky straight hair and the result is the same. If I ever decide to wear straight hair again, I’ll definitely use this so I can have a thin leave-out.Get this product, if you’re like me and don’t want to deal with little lace holes,glue, large leave-outs or blending.”

Christina H. Christina H. Christina H.


Jesse M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

November 17, 2018

8AAA, Kinky Straight 14 inch,

9AAA, Salon Relaxed (light yaki) 18 inch

“I’ve worn this with both kinky straight and straight salon relaxed hair and LOVE it! For those who want to know if you can wear it with no hair out with straighter hair, the answer is not really. To me you definitely need a leave out for straighter textures. But, I had the thinnest leave out in the history of leave outs and you could not see anything. The reddish hairpicis me wearing the kinky straight texture(which if I really wanted to I could wear with no leave out but chose to hair a very thin one here. I literallyonly left out STRANDS of hair). The black longer hair is me wearing the salon relaxed.Since I had a thin leave-out I used the clip in method.”

Jesse M. Jesse M.


Fauzy T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

October 29, 2018

10AAA Salon Relaxed (Light Yaki) 18 inch

“Who is the wizard that created this?! I have tried several types of closures and wigs over the years. They either have obvious lace that everybody and their momma can notice ( maybe its just mine because I’m not a lace expert but honey I have seen 1 too many co - workers and others who are clearly not lace experts either ...just saying ). Other closures/wigs I’ve tried allow you to wear your own part, but it does not look natural for whatever reason or requires a large leave out. But this is the real deal and it’s sooooo EASY TO INSTALL ! I can’t wait to try other textures! My pics show it sewn in. The comb shows how thin my leave out is. I’m wearing Salon Relaxed 9.5oz 16/18/20 inch with 14 inch True Roots Closure. Zoom in to see my roots....ya can’t see anything!”

Fauzy T. Fauzy T. Fauzy T.

Why Choose Us


What’s the difference between the Thin-Part Wig and V-part wig?

As you can see from the photo below, the Vpart Lace closure/wig is obvious and visible, where as the True Roots Closure matches the roots of your actual hair and is therefore undetectable. With the Thin-Part Wig you can wear it with or without a leave out. If you choose to wear a leave-out, it can be an extremely thin amount of hair. With the V-part lace closure you MUST leave hair out and it must be full enough to cover the obvious and visible lace. With a V-part wig you need to leave just as much hair out as you would with a upart wig or to cover a weft. With the Thin-Part Wig you can have no leave-out at all or you can just leave strands of your hair out.

 Pic with Wig

How much hair do I have to leave out?

With the Thin-Part Wig you can wear it with our without a leaveout. As shown in the photo above it is undetectable. Wearing it with no leave out is easy with hair styles with volume such as curly, kinky and kinky straight textures. When wearing straighter textures it can be worn with no leave out of you have volume at the top of your hair. If you want to wear the top of your hair flat we recommend a thin leave-out (just stands of hair). Overall, the Thin-Part wig allows you to leave out 99%-100% less of the hair your normally would leavout out when wearing you own natural part.

Should I add Wig Clips to the center opening?

Wig clips are completely optional and depend on your needs. If you intending on wearing a thin leaveout then wig clips are a great option. If you desire to wear no leave out but do not want to wear it sewn in then you can choose to have no wig clips and instead use hair pins to pin the center opening into and tuck under your anchor braids. For more details on the hair pin method, see the installation instructions below.

Should I keep or remove the tabs that are around the perimeter? Can the Thin-Part Wig be sewn in?

If you want to sew it in, we recommend you intend on sewing the closure in, definitely keep the tabs. They make it much easier for you to sew in. If you intend on only wearing as a clip in or pinning it in, then you can trim the tabs off. The tabs are free of hair, you will not be losing any hair density by trimming off the tabs.

Installation Instructions and Tips:

The Thin Part Wig is so easy to install! First decide if you want to sew it in, clip it in or use hair pins.If you want to clip it in, select “wig clips” when checking out and we will add wig clips for you. You can also easily add them on your own.

Sew-in Method

If you want to sew it in with NO LEAVE-OUT then we recommend buying the True Roots Closure and 10 Minute sew-in instead of the Thin-Part Wig. This is because the weight of the wig will prevent the product from being directly next to your part as it needs to be for the sew-in method. However if you want to sew the Thin-Part Wig in with a THIN leave-out simply follow these simple steps:

⬤  When sewing in, make your stiches extremely close to each other so that they are tiny dots versus having obvious thread loops.

⬤  This product can be applied using multiple braid patterns. If utilizing an anchor braid, we recommend making the anchor braid extremely thin for a flat flawless install.

Hair Pin Method:

This method is great for those who do not want to sew it in but who also do not wish to have a leave-out. Follow these steps for a seamless look:

⬤  For this method you need two anchor braids.

⬤ Simply stick the hair pin through the edge of the True Roots closure and into the braid making sure to tuck under your braid as you pin . You will only need approximately 3 hair pins on each side of the opening..

⬤ For a flawless finish, lightly tease the roots of the closure that you pinned under your braid. As a rule of thumb, the kinkier/curlier hair textures require almost no teasing at the roots. Whereas wavy textures or kinky straight texture require teasing when wearing no leaveout.
*If wearing a thin leaveout, no teasing at the roots is required.ening.

⬤ After securing the top, simply clip down the perimeter of the Thin-Part Wig down.

Clip in Method:

This method requires a small leave out. This is due to the thickness of the clips and or combs. Also with the sew-in method and pinning method you are tucking the product under the cornrow anchor braid so that it appears like its coming from your scalp. However, with the clip in method, the product can not be fully tucked under. Therefore, you need a very thin leaveout.

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