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Thin-Part Wig
10 Minute Sew-in
True Roots Closure
Lace Closures
Tear Proof/Lay Flat Lace Closure
Breathable Lace Closure Wig
Lace Frontal Wigs

Introducing our latest Innovation: Thin-Part Wig

The Thin-Part Wig is perfect for women who....

... prefer to wear their own natural hairline and part. With natural kinky and curly textures, beginner/intermediate level wig wearers can  easily wear no leave-out by following our CLIP IN technique, our BOBBY PIN METHOD or by wearing it as a SEW-IN.  With straighter textures intermediate/advanced wig wearers can achieve the no leave-out look as well. And of course because there is no weft to cover up it can also easily be worn with just thin strands of your hair out (99% less leave-out than a u-part wig).

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Patented Luxury Thin-Part Wig™️

This wig is perfect for women who prefer their extensions look natural and authentic up close in real life. You won’t have to deal with concealing lace holes, aggressive baby hair or trying to blend a leave-out. Now you can wear your own real part with no leave-out or with just thin strands of your hair out.

10 Minute Sew-In

Now you can have a sew-in within 10 minutes or less. Unlike a u-part sew-in, this cap is 100% Breathable. Your scalp wont’t sweat or itch. The sewing tabs around the unit make it a breeze to sew-in yourself or have your stylist sew-in for you.

Lace Closures

Lace closure are great for those who have mastered concealing the lace. With our new HD LACE, hiding the lace is even easier now.

Tear Proof/Lay Flat Closures

Perfect for full sew-ins and those who prefer lace. This is the easiest closure you will ever sew-in. Not only is it guaranteed to lay flat against your hairline, it also will last longer than a typical closure.

Breathable Lace Wigs

100% Breathable Lace Closure Wigs