Our Virgin Human Hair

Our Virgin Human Hair

All of our units come with 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair. This hair can have high heat applied and more. We offer 3 levels of virgin human hair.

10 AAA - This hair is the top virgin quality hair on the market. It can be colored and bleached and will last 3-4 years. This hair comes from women who have never colored their hair. Therefore it can take coloring and bleaching well and still allows the hair to last a long time. The wefts are triple reinforced, therefore shedding will be very minimal. The hair comes from younger donors therefore there will be no grey hairs or only a couple of strands or grey. The cuticles are aligned, which allows no matting or tangling. 

9AAA - This hair can be colored up to a light brown but should not be bleached blonde. It will last 1.5 to 2 years. The wefts are double reinforced therefore you will experience minimal shedding. You may see more grey hairs than the 10AAA. The cuticles are aligned, therefore there will be no matting or tangling. 

8AAA- This hair should not be colored or bleached. It will last 9 months. The wefts are not reinforced. This hair comes from older donors who may have colored/bleached their hair at some point. Though this hair will color if attempted, we do not recommend coloring or bleaching this hair as this can decrease the lifespan of it. The cuticles are aligned, you will experience no matting or tangling. 


*Note: Curly/Kinky Curly hair is higher maintenance. The curlier or kinkier the hair, the more daily maintenance needed. Daily maintenance includes, wetting the hair and combing through it daily, being sure to comb through the roots.