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Customer Reviews - Thin-Part Wig


Thin-Part Wig Reviews, Videos & More

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*Actual long time customer. 


            Customer above is wearing 
Kellie Thin-Part Wig






Thin-Part Wig
*Actual first time customer. 


 Customer above is wearing NO LEAVE-OUT w/ "Candice" Thin-Part Wig in 12 inch, 180% Density



 Customer above wearing Yaki Volume in 18 inches with the 10 Minute Sew-in and True Roots Closure, both sewn in with THIN strands left out. This can also be achieved with the Thin-Part Wig.






*Actual first time customer. 
*Sponsored post 
Thin-Part Wig Kayla U-part Wig Upgraded
*Candice Thin-Part Wig - NO LEAVE-OUT - 18 INCH 250% Density




 *NOTE: The WIG CLIPS with No Leave-out option works for CURLY textures only. Straight textures must use our BOBBY PIN METHOD or have it sewn in or if you want to wear wig clips you can wear a THIN leave-out (99% less leave-out than a traditional U-part Wig).


 How to Install  Curly Hair using the Bobby Pin Method


 How to Install Straight Textures Using the Bobby Pin Method


How to wear Half Up/Half Down Style


How to Install using Bobby Pin Method - Kinky Curly Hair Blown Out & Wand Curled


More Images

Kinky Straight 150% density 12 inch - Clipped in



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