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How to install the Thin-Part Wig with No Leave-out on Curly & Kinky textures

  • (Skill Level Needed 5/10 Beginner/Intermediate
  • Note that she used GLOSSY bobby pins. We recommend MATTE bobby pins as they blend in with the natural luster of your roots where as glossy bobby pins are more likely to show and require more teasing of the roots.


How to install Thin-Part Wig on Straight/Body Wavy Hair with No Leave-out

  • (Wig Install Skill Level Needed – 7/10 - Intermediate) 
  • For straight textures we recommend beginners wear thin strands out around your parting area or have it sewn in by a professional or simply  practice the technique detailed in the below video 

How to install our 10 Minute Sew-in with our Tear Proof Lay Flat Closure

How to install 10 Minute Sew-in with our traditional Lace Closure