Body Wavy coming out soon!!

Body Wavy coming out soon!!

A wig can look just as natural as clip-ins when you order the right density.

If a natural look is your goal but you don’t want to wear too much of your own hair out, our Patented Thin Part Wig™️ is the perfect option for you.

Not only can you wear 99% less leave out than a u part wig, you also do not have to worry about lumps or a “v” imprint.

Our Patented wig is 100% undetectable. If the wind blows, it will appear to be your own real hair roots. Plus our cap is 100% breathable which means you will not sweat or itch!

Brooke is wearing our new Body wavy texture, which will be available next week. Follow us and signup for emails and texts to be notified. 

  • Wig Details: Thin-Part Wig 180% density - 18 inch - Body Wavy 
  • You can also achieve this same look with 1.5-2 bundles of our Patent Pending TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins 
  • Our new body wavy texture is looser than our current Body Wavy texture available in our Dominique unit. The new Body Wavy is perfect for you if you desire looser curls as seen on Brooke. Our Dominique Body wavy is best for tighter curls. 

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