Wrap Around Ponytails Take Seconds to Install!

While half up/half down styles are gorgeous, our Wrap Around Ponytails are beautiful all on their own.

Plus they only take seconds to install. No matter how busy you are, with a style that takes seconds, you never have to experience a bad hair again!


Ponytail Details:

Kinky Straight - 18 inch - Soft Ombré

  • Our Wrap Around Ponytails come in natural black, Soft ombré and Bold ombré.
  • Tip: Attach the comb to the base of your braid for extra security
  • Bobby pins are required to secure the hair wrapped around the base and for extra security.
  • Add 1 bundle of our Patent Pending TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins for the half up/half down of your dreams. No leave out required. 

Love what you see? View our Cambodian Kinky Straight below. Available in natural black, soft ombré, bold ombré, 4 oz., 6 oz., and 14-26 inches.

Click here to shop for the texture that’s a perfect match for your hair.

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