What is the current wait time? 

Pls review the black banner at the top of the website. Reminder details are also provided during checkout and within your confirmation email. 


What size wig cap should I order? 

Measure the circumference of your head and choose from the options below: 

Small - 21.5 circumference 

Medium - 22.5 circumference 

Large - 23.5 circumference 

If you fall in between size, we recommend sizing up. The wig can still be properly worn if it is larger. If it is too small you will need to make some major adjustments and will likely find it difficult to wear. 

*Note: The wig will not be a perfect fit in the back. It has adjustable straps in the back however it may still not be a perfect fit. We recommend that you do not purchase if you desire a wig that has your exact head measurement size. 

How many bundles are in each density? 

Bundle weights vary by company. We calculate bundles by 3.5-4.5oz per bundle depending on the texture. 

150% Density = 1.5 bundles 

180% density = approx 2 bundles depending on texture and length 

250% density = 2.5 -3.5 bundles depending on texture & length 

Anything above 20 inches needs 180% density or higher. Kinky straight hair is very voluminous and can therefore be ordered in 150% 12-18 inches. 


Can I wear the Thin-Part Wig with wig clips and no leave-out?

Yes! We have improved the product so now you can wear it with wig clips and NO LEAVE-OUT and now no anchor braids are needed. This works on any curly textures where there is already natural volume to the hair.  Watch the new video posted under the "videos" tab above or on the "How to Install Page".

For straighter textures with no volume you still need to use the bobby pin method or wear a thin leave-out if you want to wear it with no leave-out. Note: the Bobby pin method requires anchor braids and practice. Most of our customers who order straight textures, order the wig with wig clips and wear a thin leave-out. 


What is the differences between 10 virgin hair, 9 virgin hair and 8 virgin hair?

All of our units come with 100% Virgin Human Hair. This hair can have high heat applied and more. We offer 3 levels of virgin human hair.

10/10 - This hair is the top virgin quality hair on the market. It can be colored and bleached and will last up to 4 years. This hair comes from women who have never colored their hair. Therefore it can take coloring and bleaching well and still allows the hair to last a long time. The wefts are triple reinforced, therefore shedding will be very minimal. The hair comes from younger donors therefore there will be no grey hairs or only a couple of strands or grey. The cuticles are aligned, which allows no matting or tangling. 

9/10 This hair can be colored up to a light brown but should not be bleached blonde. It will last up to 2.5 years. The wefts are double reinforced therefore you will experience minimal shedding. You may see more grey hairs than the 10AAA. The cuticles are aligned, therefore there will be no matting or tangling. 

8/10 - This hair should not be colored or bleached. It will last up to 1.5 yrs. The wefts are not reinforced. This hair comes from older donors who may have colored/bleached their hair at some point. Though this hair will color if attempted, we do not recommend coloring or bleaching this hair as this can decrease the lifespan of it. The cuticles are aligned, you will experience no matting or tangling. 

 *Note: Curly/Kinky Curly hair is higher maintenance. The curlier or kinkier the hair, the more daily maintenance needed. Daily maintenance includes, wetting the hair and combing through it daily, being sure to comb through the roots. 



Can it really be worn with no leave-out and will it truly look natural or will it look unnatural like the invisible part methods?

Yes, it can really be worn with no leave-out and yes it will truly look natural. Watch the how to install videos in the video section to learn how to make it look natural with kinky, curly and straight textures. Kinky, curly textures are easier to do and are perfect for beginner/intermediates. Straight textures require intermediate/advance skills. If you follow our recommended methods and practice, it will truly look like your own hair. It will not look like the invisible part methods which we find to be unnatural looking due to either visible knots, glue, wefts, visible lace and other unsightly techniques that scream “I’m wearing a weave”. When our product is installed correctly it will look as natural as if you were wearing a leave-out.

Can it be sewn in?

Yes because the cap is 100% Breathable just like our 10 Minute Sew-in unit, it can be safely sewn in while allow your scalp to properly breathe so it will not sweat or itch.

We recommend that you allow a professional to sew it in for you. When sewing it in, it’s necessary to do a “back stitch” sewing pattern and to make your stitching very close together with no gaps in between. Also stitch at the edge of the material (the first 1-2 rows of insertion holes). Your goal is to tuck the edge under the anchor braid. Below are images of different types of stitching techniques. The typical stitch used for sewing wefts is a “whip stitch”. That technique is not recommend for sewing down our True Roots Closure or our Thin-Part Wigs because the thread will be visible. By doing the back stitch, the stitching will blend in with the roots of the hair and be 100% undetectable.

Also note that if you want a heavier densities such as 250% which is around 3-4 bundles, and you want to sew it in then we recommend you purchase the 10 Minute Sew-in and True Roots Closure instead of the Thin-Part Wig. The density of the wig will tug on your top anchor braid. Though you won’t feel uncomfortable,  it will cause you anchor braid move away from your part. Remember, this technique requires your top two anchor braids be right next t to your part with no new growth/roots or gap. However, if you intend to wear thin strands out then you can sew-in a higher density Thin-Part Wig. 

Can it be clipped in? 

Yes and with our new improved design you do not need a leave-out to wear it wig clips. So now it only takes seconds to install! Watch the video under the videos tabs above to see more. 

How often should I have my anchor braids re-braided?

If you are wearing it as a sew-in with no leave-out or wearing it using the bobby pin method see details below on how often your braid should be redone. You do not not need anchor braids with our new improved wig clip option. 

Anchor braids: With Kinky and curly hair you can go several weeks because the teasing of the roots will hide the gap that will begin to occur as your anchor braid begins to move further away from your part. With straight hair the average is 2 weeks (if you’re anchor braids have hair added to it to them stay in place longer). When your anchor braids have moved away from your part and are no longer right next to your part, but instead have a gap of your own roots (new growth) showing, then with straight textures you will need to redo the braids.

How long is the waitlist?

Please see the large red banner at the top of the website for updates on wait times. Also during checkout the wait time is provided in the shipping section. 


Can I expedite my order?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 


What texture mimics coarse  hair that has been relaxed or silk pressed? 

Our Yaki volume and Kelsey units. 


Can I wear it flat at the roots with no volume and with no leave-out?

No. For a natural look we recommend just the slightest amount of lift to the roots of your hair. Because this product is tucked under your anchor braid, when the hair in the roots area is completely laying flat, you will see a slight indentation caused by your anchor braids. The indentation does not look natural in our opinion. However if you wear a thin leave-out it can be worn with silky straight flat roots with no volume.

I don’t see the exact texture and style I want. Can I make a custom unit?


How is this different from a U-part wig?

A u-part wig has a weft at the top which requires you to leave a large section of your own hair out in order to cover the weft. This requires you to blend a 3x4 section of you’re hair with the wig. This process can be difficult for some and restrictive for those who wish to wear multiple textures which may not be the exactly the same as their own. Therefore it often does not look real as people can tell the difference between your hair and the wig. 

The top opening of the Thin-Part Wig mimics real hair roots. This allows you to wear your own real part with no leave-out or you can leave our thin strands. With our new improved design you can now even wear it with clips in and wear no leave-out. If you do not want to clip it in you can wear it with no leave-out by tucking the edge of the opening under your anchor braid you can make the hair appear to be coming from your own real scalp. If you want to wear a leave-out, you can leave-out 99% less leave-out than a U-part wig. Unlike a Upart wig, if the winds blows your leave out out of place, no track/weft will show. Instead it will just look like the roots of your hair. 

Are you black owned? Can I follow the owner? 

Yes, we are 100% African American owned. Our owner(s) are not public figures.