Upgrade from competitor's Follicle Fusion™ Clip-ins to our Patented InvisiRoot® Clip-ins. Experience True Undetectable Results

Follicle Fusion™️ Clip-ins vs. Patented InvisiRoot® Clip-ins:


Follicle Fusion™️ Clip-ins often referred to as Skin Weft Clip-ins, feature hair injected into a polyurethane track that attempts to mimic the scalp.

  • Visibility Issues: If your hair moves out of place, the polyurethane material can become visible.
  • Limited Versatility: Requires a larger amount of natural hair to be left out for effective blending.
  • Wind Sensitivity: Extra caution is needed on windy days to maintain the natural appearance.

Follicle Fusion™ is an alternative clip-in product sold under a competitor's trademark. We are not affiliated with this company.

Patented InvisiRoot® Clip-ins offer a distinct feature that mimics real real hair roots. It is free from wefts, polyurethane, or any other unnatural material. InvisiRoots® are the only Patented Clip-ins that appear to be your own natural hair roots. Unlike Follicle Fusion™️ (aka skin wefts), if the wind blows, InvisiRoot® Clip-ins are undetectable. Whereas Follicle Fusion™️ (skin wefts) would expose an embarrassing polyurethane material which does not appear to be natural hair roots. While skin wefts may be a little better than traditional wefts, they are still quite noticeable should your hair move out of place.

Patented InvisiRoot® Clip-ins are the only truly undetectable and Patented clip-ins on the market featuring technology that allows for:

  • Superior Invisibility: Patented InvisiRoot® Clip-ins are designed to be unseen, even when hair moves out of place.
  • Reduced Need for Leave-out: Minimizes the amount of your own hair that needs to be left out. Curly textures can be worn without a leave-out.
  • Wind Resilient: More secure and less visible in windy conditions.

Ready to Experience the InvisiRoot® Difference?

If you're looking for a hair extension solution that offers unparalleled invisibility and ease of use, consider the InvisiRoot® Clip-ins. Check our InvisiRoot® Clip-ins collections below and find your perfect match.