Follicle Fusion Clip-ins Patented Alternative: InvisiRoot™️ Clip-ins

Follicle Fusion™️ Clip-ins vs. Patented InvisiRoot™️ Clip-ins:

Follicle Fusion™️ Clip-ins, often recognized as Skin Weft Clip-ins, utilize a polyurethane track to mimic the scalp, offering a natural look. However, they face challenges in maintaining their discreet appearance, especially under windy conditions or if hair shifts, revealing the artificial material. In contrast, Patented InvisiRoot™ Clip-ins revolutionize the hair extension world with a unique design that imitates real hair roots, completely free from wefts or synthetic materials. This technology ensures superior invisibility and resilience against wind, drastically reducing the need for natural hair leave-out. InvisiRoot™ Clip-ins stand out as the only patented, truly undetectable clip-ins available, providing a seamless and natural extension experience that excels beyond the capabilities of Follicle Fusion™️.


Follicle fusion™ is an alternative clip-in product sold under a competitor's trademark. We are not affiliated with this company.