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Our Kelsey Texture Mimics Your Own Texture When Straightened! #relaxedhair

Looking for hair that mimics your own texture when straightened? Try our Kelsey texture!

She features 100% Cambodian hair that mimics coarse hair that has been minimally relaxed. It’s perfect if you have type 4 hair that still has texture to it when you straighten it. If you have hair that becomes silky after straightening, we recommend our Jazzmine silky straight texture.

And with our Thin Part Wig™️ and TrueRoot™️ Clip ins, you never have to worry about a weft or wig clips showing, nor a “v” imprint or humps! Our Patented wig and Patent Pending clip ins are 100% undetectable!


Achieve this look with our Kelsey Patented Thin Part Wig™️ in 18 inches - 180% density or 1.5-2 bundles of our TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins.

Note: If you’ve been duped by knockoffs of our products contact with details including pictures, order confirmation emails and details regarding your experience. Our team will reach out at a later date. Please do not contact our customer support team through email or dm regarding knockoffs. Thank you for your cooperation!

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