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Pending TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins and our Wrap Around Ponytail: Styled by @sewwiggedout

Pending TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins and our Wrap Around Ponytail: Styled by @sewwiggedout


Tap the link in our bio to watch @sewwiggedout full YouTube video on this look, featuring our New Patent Pending TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins and our Wrap Around Ponytail.

So cute! She will show you this look as well as a half up/half down style!

Before look:


Style 1: "I love my first look with these weftless clip-ins at the front with a very very thin amount of hair and my hair up into a ponytail!" - @sewwiggedout


Style 2: "The second look is the half up half down style which has always been one of my favorite looks! See how I achieve this gorgeous style with absolutely no leave out."  - @sewwiggedout


Kinky Straight Hair Details: 

1 -  bundle TrueRoot Clip-ins, 18 inch , Soft Ombré

1 - Wrap Around Ponytail 18 inch -Soft Ombré

  • Instead of a bulky weft, the TrueRoot™️ Clip-ins mimic real hair roots. They can be worn with no leave out and will be 100% undetectable.
  • Bangs, like this look , can be achieved with the extra small pieces that come in each bundle.
  • Half up/half down styles require no leave out. This means you can wear any texture and any color you desire without having to blend a leave out. If the wind blows or you simply move your head, no weft will be revealed. It will appear to your own natural hair roots.
  • You can also wear down styles with little to no leave-out.
  • If you wear a down style with all of your own hair out, by attaching the TrueRoot™️ Clip in at the top, you no longer have to worry about the wind blowing. If your leave out moves, the TrueRoot™️ clip in will appear to be your own natural hair roots.
  • The TrueRoot™️ Clip-In makes blending a breeze. Due to the natural hair root mimicking technology, you can position the clip -in closer to your part without worrying about your leave out being too thin and revealing a weft. This means the leave out area at the top will now seamlessly blend in with your TrueRoot™️ clip ins. 

Click here to shop for the texture that’s a perfect match for your hair.

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